ULTIMATE MALE STD PANELultimate-male-std-panel

$ 359.00


This unique panel combines our Comprehensive STD Panel and our Comprehensive Male Panel.

The Comprehensive STD Panel consists of the following tests:

  1. HIV
  2. Syphilis (Rapid Plasma Reagin Test)
  3. Herpes (HSV1 & HSV2)
  4. Gonorrhea
  5. Chlamydia
  6. Hepatitis B
  7. Hepatitis C

The Comprehensive Male Panel includes tests to evaluate metabolic and hormonal functions specific to men.

In addition to the basic tests to measure metabolic functions and cardiac risk, the Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Lipids test, the Comprehensive Male Panel also test for hormones specific to men.

Testosterone is a critical male hormone that controls muscle mass, weight and libido. During puberty it is normal for testosterone levels to rise and then to gradually fall after the age of 40. Some men experience extreme drops in testosterone leading to fatigue, loss of libido and muscle mass, difficulty sleeping and weight gain.

This convenient Comprehensive Male Panel can provide information you need to keep your health and energy on track for a healthier lifestyle and overall well-being.


Men have specific health issues that don’t affect women. This panel looks at male health and can provide information that you and your doctor can use to treat conditions that are keeping you from being your best and having the energy and drive to live life to the fullest.


The Comprehensive Male Panel consists of the following tests:

  1. Complete Blood Count with Differential
  2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (14 essential tests)
  3. Lipids (Total Cholesterol, LDL/HDL and triglycerides)
  4. Testosterone (Total)
  5. PSA

Fasting is required for the Comprehensive Male STD Panel. Do not eat or drink anything (except water) for at least 8 hours before the test.  This is also urine testing, do not use the bathroom at least 1-2 hours beforehand.